The Prototype "Triton" had a major revamp in terms of bodyworks of the vehicle. The body of the vehicle is completely made of carbon fibre composite structure. All metal reinforcements to the body structure which were present in all of the previous prototypes were completely eliminated, and the skin of the vehicle body was designed to carry the load, which essentially is called the 'Monocoque' structure.

The 'Monocoque' body was manufactured by the process of vacuum infusion tehnique. We were the only student team from India to manufacture a carbon fibre monocoque body.

Notable result of this 'Monocoque' structure is the considerable weight reduction of the prototype. The body essentially weighed only 23 kilograms which improved the coasting abilities of the prototype by a great extent.

A 'Dog Clutch Mechanism' - a positive engagement clutch designed and manufactured by our team's drivetrain department was installed in our prototype for the very first time, which disengages the complete drivetrain system while freewheeling aiding in increased fuel economy.

The prototype was also installed with Michelin Low Rolling Resistance Tyres which helped in loss reduction with increased freewheeling.

Key Features

  • Carbon Fibre Monocoque Body
  • Sleek Aerodynamic Design
  • Dog Clutch Mechanism
  • Michelin Low Rolling Resistance Tyres