Our latest prototype vehicle for 2019-2020 named Mahil means the one who progresses. Mahil set a record of 268.7 kmpl at the Shell Eco-marathon India 2019 which was held in Bengaluru. Mahil is a culmination of sincere efforts and time and has set a personal benchmark for our team.

Completely made of carbon fiber and manufactured in our workshop, it weighs merely 50 kg with all the systems. Mahil was the first prototype to complete the technical inspections at the event amongst 23 other teams and on day 4 it created history by achieving the 1st place amongst 7 other teams in the gasoline prototype category. Our team also won the off track safety award for demonstrating and following safety consciousness in design, testing protocols, and also on-site behaviour.

Salient features of Mahil

  • Mahil is the most advanced prototype till date in terms of weight, aerodynamics. It is the lightest prototype amongst the teams previously designed prototypes and has a drag coefficient of 0.08 which is half of the drag coefficient of 2017 prototype Triton.
  • Mahil has inbuilt and self actuating CO2 fire detection and extinguishing system.
  • A series of proximity sensors are installed to avoid the blindspot and alert the driver for approching vehicles from either side.