The Second prototype by Team Eta "J-14" was a upgraded model of the previous prototype "Jugaad".

This year the team acheived the inclusion of Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) materials to improve vehicle design, weight and fuel economy. The prototype boasted a full glass-fibre body shell manufactured in-house by the team members.

The Prototype was built to compete in Shell Eco Marathon, 2014 held in Manila, Phillipines.

With not only an improved design but also the Saffron-White-Green aesthetic design having a striking resemblance of the Indian flag was the highlight of the prototype.

The Drivetrain system was upgraded to minimize losses with the incorporation of a two-stage planetary gearbox for a 90 degree gear reduction. Also the weight of the proototype was reduced to just 48 kilograms.

Key Features

  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic body shell for improved aerodynamics
  • Saffrom-White-Green Body Aesthetics representing the Indian Flag
  • Inclusion of a two-stage planetary gearbox in the drivetrain system