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Drivetrain: The powerhouse of the prototype

The drivetrain is a term that includes every part which helps to transfer the power from the main power source(IC engine) or any other means of power source to the driving wheels of the automobile. Drivetrain components include Gear, Gearbox, Propeller shaft, Differential, and all the intermediate parts used between the Engine to the Wheels for transmitting power. Now drivetrain can be of different types the power can be transmitted into different forms from the driving to the driven parts. Belts, Ropes, Chains, or with the help of Gears. Amongst all these the Geartrain power transmission is the most used as it can transfer power more efficiently and through gears, we can achieve many different variations in power transmission but the only drawback is its complexity of it. It is complex and it consists of a lot of parts and maintenance is also difficult.

After gears, the most feasible and efficient way is the Chain drive. Chain drive is used as gears are very much heavy and as the distance between the engine and wheel is more it will require more amount of gears and there will be more power loss due to friction and other factors. Chain drive consists of two sprockets one driving and one driven and the chain is used to transmit power between them. So we use this mode of power transmission in our prototype vehicles to achieve a great amount of mileage. Now we work on the torque manipulation factor to increase the power and this is done with help of making the driving sprocket smaller than the driven sprocket which drives the wheel. As we know torque multiplication is done in this way. this helps us to generate more force by giving less amount of power and thus achieving a great amount of mileage. Now Chain tension can be sometimes less and thus it affects power transmission, thus chain tensioners and idlers are also used at specific locations to ensure efficient power transmission. Now the main reason for us achieving this kind of mileage is a technique named coasting in which we try to switch on and off the engines several times to consume only the amount of fuel required to propel the vehicle and again switch on when the vehicle stops due to friction. So, for this, we need something between the driving and driven sprockets to engage and disengage power continuously. for this, we use a centrifugal clutch. The centrifugal clutch is placed between the engine and the diving sprocket which helps us to engage and disengage power constantly. Now consuming less fuel with help of the different parts helps to even reduce the carbon emissions and thus contributes towards the environment also.

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