The prototype was the first ever by Team Eta which has a Carbon Fibre Body which provides ultimate strength and unbeatable aesthetics to the prototype

"Arya" was built on a aluminium spaceframe covered with a carbon fibre shell.

The Carbon fibre body was manufactured completely in-house by the process of hand layup and vacuum bagging.

The powertrain system was upgraded to work with an electronic fuel injection kit. Each and every parameter from the internal combustion engine can be read, calibrated and adjusted with an on-board electronic control unit.

The drivetrain system was upgraded to work with a timing belt which is known for its positive drive and light weight.

This prototype was ranked 5th all over Asia and 1st in India for its Fuel Efficiency. "Arya" boasts of a fuel efficiency of 153 kilometers per litre of gasoline.

Key Features

  • Fuel Efficiency of 153 kmpl
  • Carbon Fibre Body Shell
  • Timing Belt
  • Electronic Fuel Injection System