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It all started in 2013, when a group of students from K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering felt the need to use their technical knowledge and management skills to develop and innovate technology for the benefit of mankind. That is when, they all came together as Team ETA with a goal of providing a sustainable future to the world using technological innovations to achieve mileage in numbers that appeared to be just a dream for the current world.

Since then, the team worked tirelessly with the utmost commitment, dedication and countless of sleepless nights, to develop and be the proud makers of Jugaad, J-14, Arya and Triton prototypes.

Embrace the Future

Meet Our Team

Cherag Mevawala

Team Manager

Kushal Deokar

Technical coordinator

Tanishq Parikh

Team Administrator

Ashok Mourya

Head Of Bodyworks

Jay Nakrani

Composite Bodywork

Pragnesh Bhalala

Head of Drivetrain

Omkar Ghuge

Head Of Electronics

Yuvraj Dalvi

Head of Powertrain

Aman Pandit

Head Of Vehicle Dynamics

Sandeep Jagdale

Member of Bodyworks

Malhar Kharat

Member of Bodyworks

Ayush Choudhary

Member of Bodyworks

Krutik Chawda

Member of Powertrain

Respect the Past

Alumni Members

Paresh Vora

Team Manager, 2018

Abdulqadir Vhora

Technical Coordinator, 2018

Mohd. Affan Mandilkar

Team Manager, 2017

Yash Mehta

Technical Co-ordinator

Abhishek Ganesh

Team Administrator

Shabbir Jamnagarwala

Head of Marketing

Saurabh Patil

Head of Drivetrain

Biren Chauhan

Head of Carbon Fibre Rims

Kunal Vyas

Member of Powertrain

Abhishek Vaidyanath

Member of Powertrain

Ali Asgar

Member of Carbon Fibre Rims

Baktiaar Wangde

Team Manager, 2017

Pramodkumar Parmar

Technical Co-ordinator, 2017

Varun Mahajan

Technical Coordinator, 2016

Tejas Thorat

Team Manager, 2015

Hardik Bhutka

Technical Cor-dinator, 2014-15

Kunal Jain

Team Manager, 2014

Tony Thomas

Team Manager, 2013